Wenger delivers stark warning to his rivals

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made it clear that the club will never need to sell their best players to their rivals again, and that they can now be considered as a major financial giant in the world of football.

The Frenchman was quoted telling reporters: “The time where we had to sell our best players is over for sure. We had five or six years where we were financially restricted, we had to balance the books and we had to pay the stadium back. This time has gone.”

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Song and Fabregas both wanted to come home to Arsenal

West Ham United star Alex Song has made a shocking revelation! The Cameroonian has said that he had wanted to come back and join his former club Arsenal during the last summer transfer window. And if that was not enough, the player has also revealed that Cesc Fabregas was also wishful of the same thing.

Song was quoted telling L’Equipe: “I would like to have gone back (to Arsenal) but they didn’t want it. That’s life… Cesc Fabregas equally wanted to go back back to Arsenal but they did not want to take up the option to buy him.” Continue reading

Arsenal Transfer Wrap: Monday, 29th December

Song and Fabregas wanted Arsenal move!

West Ham United star Alex Song has revealed that he, and his former teammate Cesc Fabregas, had wanted to return to Arsenal during the summer but the Gunners didn’t want that. The Cameroonian, who is on loan at Upton Park from Barcelona, told L’Equipe: “I would like to have gone back (to Arsenal) but they didn’t want it. That’s life… Cesc Fabregas equally wanted to go back back to Arsenal but they did not want to take up the option to buy him.” Continue reading

Fabregas still believes he is a Gunner 4 Life

One of the hardest things for Arsenal fans to see this summer has been the sight of their former skipper Cesc Fabregas running around in a Chelsea shirt, splitting defences open for fun and helping the Blues climb to the top of the Premier League standings. As bad as Robin van Persie’s treacherous betrayal to join Manchester United was a few seasons back, Fabregas’ move to Stamford Bridge hurts twice as much as the young Spaniard was a Gunner through and through, and received nothing but love and adoration from the Arsenal fans.

In a heartfelt interview with the Daily Mirror yesterday, Fabregas revealed all about his move to Stamford Bridge this summer. Fabregas said, “Don’t think I didn’t think about it, playing for Arsenal’s rivals when I decided to join Chelsea. I will keep the ‘Gunner feeling’ forever and I know that I will return to the club and it will be a special moment, but I am a committed guy.” Continue reading

Wenger regrets Fabregas exit but not his Chelsea move

Like most Arsenal fans on Monday night, Arsene Wenger did not enjoy watching Fabregas turn up in a Blue shirt at Burnley, but the Arsenal boss says he does not have any regrets about his decision not to sign the former Gunners’ skipper. Instead, Wenger says what he does regret is Fabregas’ decision to leave Arsenal in the first place.

Wenger shared in his press conference today, “It was [strange seeing him in a Chelsea shirt]. You have to accept that professional players move from club to club and it was difficult for me to see him leave us. After he has left us for one club, you accept the idea that he can move to some different clubs. Of course it was a bit strange but he had a good game. I have no regret about [Arsenal not re-signing Fabregas] at all. My regret is that he left us.” Continue reading

Wenger questions Mourinho’s version of the truth

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has responded to Jose Mourinho’s claims that former Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas always favoured a switch to Chelsea over the Gunners by suggesting that the Portuguese may have been hiding the truth.

Mourinho began his customary digs at Arsenal recently by stating that his new signing Cesc Fabregas did not want to return to the Emirates this summer, and Wenger responded in kind by saying, “People came out and said he [Fabregas] wanted to go to Chelsea, but I don’t know who tells the truth here or not.” Continue reading

Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Friday, 20th June

Croatian hitman now a priority for Arsenal

Out of favour Bayern Munich striker and World Cup goalscorer Mario Mandzukic is who Arsene Wenger has in mind to bulk up his frontline, according to media reports. The Professor is even ready to splurge  £15 million on his man, will that be adequate is another question altogether. Continue reading

Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Wednesday, 18th June

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Arsenal chase the one man Mexican show

The toast of Mexico, Guillermo Ochoa who almost single handedly stopped Brazil last night has unsurprisingly made many a club manager sit up and take notice. Leading the pack is Arsene Wenger with his desperate need for a back up goalkeeper, he is followed closely by Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers, according to reports in the Express. Continue reading