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ArsenalNews aspires to be the definite News portal related to English Premier League giants – Arsenal F.C.

Started by an Arsenal football fan, bred on the disciplines of the beautiful game, the site employs professional sports writers to contribute news stories relevant to the club.The site features weekly previews, reports, player and manager interviews, transfer news and other tit-bits of information relevant to the club.


Shravan Chopra
An information specialist by day, Chopra is the dark avenger of the sports world by night. A member of the technical support staff of Team Canada at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Shravan gallivants between the world of code and sports like Bruce Wayne and Batman. Chopra has been an Arsenal fan since he can remember, with his favourite other team being Blackburn Rovers.


Arjun Wadhwa
A former junior national tennis player, Wadhwa’s tryst with journalism started when he was knocked out in the first round of a local tournament, but was invited by a national television network to do commentary with them instead! Arjun switched sports to the more intellectual domain of Chess at University and swiftly moved into coaching, training youngsters in both sports of his choosing. A return to journalism though followed in 2008, and he has since covered countless live events across multiple domains including tennis, athletics, golf and formula 1 racing. His sporting idols are Stefan Edberg, Dennis Berkgamp and Mark Waugh.

Ashwin Chandrasekhar
Ashwin’s journey with sports journalism began as a writer who sat on the fence and did as he was told by the gaffer. Like an ordinary holding midfielder, he was one dimensional, who played around with words, a little coy and a little wary, displaying dynamism in spits and bursts. But over the last three years, he has found his own place, venturing further on, dishing out pieces with the kind of cogency and urgency you’d see in the play of a confident central midfielder. The journey has been rocky since the day he was brought on trial but the dream to one day be able to deliver telling pieces, that influence the big picture, is a little closer to fruition.

T R Chandramouli (Mouli Rooney)
Mouli is a self-confessed football addict, supporting Manchester United ever since reaching the age of reason. Mouli turned to professional writing in 2009 and acts as the chief antagonist on Arsenal News, looking for any reason to lambast Arsenal and pick flaws in our approach to loving life and the pursuit of beautiful (yet trophy-less) football.

Love for football and writing about football aside, he delve in the twisted world of cloud computing. Music, reading, beer and aimless evenings on the beach balance out the otherwise frenzied life in the midst of urban chaos.

Soovadeep Bakshi
Soovadeep, an aspiring engineer before the bug for football hit him, is an ardent supporter of Arsenal’s beautiful football since the days of King Henry (sigh to be young and talented).

Automobiles are his other passion, and he is a member of a prestigious youth Racing Team. Fond of speaking as much as he writes, Soovadeep is impossible to slow down when in full flow.

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