Season Summary For Arsenal FC – Main Reasons For Failure & What Can We Expect To See Next Year

The number of fans supporting the idea of Arsene Wenger leaving the role of Arsenal FC Manager was never higher than in the last couple of months. The Gunners have lost a lot of derby matches, failed (once again) to achieve any significant result in UEFA Champions League and failed to qualify for the same competition next season.

A lot of experts say that Arsenal is not able to be financially competent to other Premier League giant teams. Arsene Wenger has had a couple of weird transfer requests in the last couple of years, and many were shocked to see so much money being given for the move of Granit Xhaka.

The rumours of Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal’s first star, leaving the team on the summer are getting louder by every week. Can you blame him? World – class player like that surely can’t be happy to miss one whole season playing in UCL. Not to mention the humiliation caused by Bayern Munich in the playoffs. The total result on aggregate was 10 – 2 in favour of the Bavarians.

Tipsters at are asking the logical question – what is going to change for Arsenal FC next season? Is the club administration finally going to start spending bigger sums of money and aiming for top players? That is simply not Wenger’s policy and we don’t see it happening as well.

There is no doubt that the back line has been the weakest link for The Gunners. Laurent Coscielny has spent more time being injured than helping the squad on the pitch.

On the other hand though, the only bright side of this season for Arsenal FC was winning the FA Cup. They were marked as big underdogs both in the semi – finals clash against Manchester City  and in the final game at Wembley against Chelsea.

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