Iwobi asks fans to show more respect for Wenger

Under fire after a poor outing in the Champions League, English football giants Arsenel head coach Arsene Wenger has received the backing of midfielder Alex Iwobi, who said the Frenchman deserves more respect from the fans.

“They need to have a bit more respect, in my opinion,” Iwobi told the Daily Mail after representing Nigeria in their draw with Senegal in a friendly on Thursday.

“I mean, he’s been at the club for 20 years, he’s achieved a lot, obviously they’re a bit impatient with the results and where they want to finish.”

“We also want to finish there, we want to win the league like anyone else, I can guarantee we are trying our hardest. Whatever happens we are the players, we affect the result. We don’t really look at the banners or what fans are screaming, we focus on trying to do our jobs on the pitch,” he added.

Wenger has been receiving a lot of flak after a spate of poor results recently both in the English Premier League and the Champions League where they were humbled 2-10 by German Bundesliga heavyweights Bayern Munich.

Angry fans staged protest marches before the Gunners’ home ties, asking for the French manager resignation.

Iwobi, however, felt that the supporters were impatient. “Honestly, I’m waiting as much as you guys are. I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But me, personally, I’d like him to stay.”

“No matter who is in the job, or who gets the role, we’re always going to fight for the manager, every player always gives 100 percent, no matter what, we’ll just play.”

“He always backs our players and he is a great man. He’s been great to me as well, I’ll always back him, no matter what. For what he’s done for me, I’d like to say thank you, for bringing me into such a world class team, and I’m playing almost regularly,” he added in his support for Wenger.

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