[Humour] The Ox explains why Arsenal have early game Blues

Arsenal attacker Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may have just given away the reason why the Gunners have struggled early on in games this season as he revealed the kind of music that is played in the dressing room ahead of matches.

The Ox shared that in an attempt to sort out pre-match routines of players, fellow England international Theo Walcott asked everyone to list out the song they want to listen to before games, and put together the music so that everyone gets a flavour of what they like.

Unfortunately that list included Manager Arsene Wenger, who sadly chose Frank Sinatra, not necessarily the kind of music today’s 20 something footballers would ideally listen to, to get themselves in the mood for a big game!

Alex told DRDJ in an interview, “Great song, what an artist, but it really killed the vibes out there. That whole idea didn’t work because you can’t be listening to Frank Sinatra and then Rick Ross next track. It just doesn’t work. I think the Boss might have had a little smile and a chuckle and he just wandered off.”

Oxlade-Chamberlain added, “A few seasons ago, because so many of the boys were moaning about the playlist – they wanted these songs or they don’t like that music – Theo went around and organised a playlist. He put everyone’s name down and told everyone to write in a song they wanted to hear. And he had a column for the Boss, and he threw in Frank Sinatra – and it actually came on in the dressing room. It was a nice idea from Theo, and he meant well, but it didn’t last long.”

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