Wenger dismisses fears of Sanchez and Ozil exits

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger asked for all the naysayers looking to derail the Gunners’ title ambitions with talk of rumoured exits for Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil to calm down, insisting that the club will do everything in their power to hang on to the superstar duo.

Amidst rumours that have been floating around in recent weeks that Sanchez and Ozil have asked for salaries in the region of 20 million pounds a year, well in excess of the Gunners’ wage structure, Wenger dismissed talk that Arsenal will be unable to hold on to their superstars, just when things appear to be going well for the club.

Wenger said in his press conference today, “Eighteen months is quite long in football. These players have 18 months, they will be staying 18 months and, hopefully, much longer. I don’t believe that it is a problem.”

The Arsenal boss added, “Like always we will do the maximum of what we can for every single player.”

Speaking about the contract negotiations, he said, “A contract is between two parties and on my side the best position is to achieve it early. You have to accept that negotiations are private and secret and we don’t have to explain what we do with negotiations.”

Wenger also insisted that there was no need to question the commitment of the players, saying, “The commitment of Alexis and Ozil is absolutely totally for the team’s benefit and I’m very pleased with that. We are professional football people and people forget many times that the first quality of a professional guy is to give absolutely 100 per cent as long as he is somewhere, and not to project yourself on two years. It’s here and now, that’s what it means to be professional – here and now I’m fully committed to the cause and that’s what it’s about.”

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