Wenger expects Walcott to work twice as hard!

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger congratulated star forward Theo Walcott on being blessed with a second child on Friday, and declared that he expects the England international to now put in twice the effort on and off the pitch as he has an extra mouth to feed!

Walcott, who scored in Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Bournemouth at the Emirates on Sunday, celebrated his goal by rocking his arms together, dedicating his goal to his new born son.

The celebration wasn’t missed by Wenger, who remarked after the game, “Two babies, two boys! He has to run for two now you know! He has to work double.”

Walcott himself was happy to speak about his personal life, sharing, “It’s all about the family and it was fantastic for me and all of our family. I’m probably the happiest person in the world. Now with the team back to winning ways, it’s a perfect weekend.”

Speaking about the match itself, the Arsenal star added, “You can grab a few goals from the back stick and Nacho did well. I think he just tried to go for the shot to be honest, but I was just there at the right time and luckily for me, it went in. But then again, I’m more delighted for the guys getting the three points because we’ve kept this run going. People have said we’ve been sort of edging off slightly, but in years gone by we’d have lost a lot of games. We’re still there, undefeated since the beginning of the season and, for me, it’s all positive in the dressing room at this moment in time.”

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