‘Sacre Bleu!’: Wenger in for a test of strength

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will certainly need to prep his team well in the next couple of months, in order to ensure they get off to a good start next season. The Gunners kick-start their 2016-17 Premier League campaign with a potentially competitive fixture against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. That will be followed by an away match against reigning champions Leicester City, who may well be a depleted side by that time, if the rumours flowing around in the transfer market are to be believed.

The north London giants end August with an away fixture against Watford, which will be followed by a seemingly tough September, with home matches against Southampton and Chelsea on the schedule for Wenger’s men.

An easy October may be followed by a thoroughly competitive November, with the side in for back to back fixtures against Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

The Gunners will visit the Red Devils’ neighbours City just after their away fixture at Goodison Park against Everton.

While Wenger’s men may enjoy a comparatively easier January, the following months may not be the same, with a string of matches against the likes of Chelsea (4th February), Southampton (25th Feb), Liverpool (4th March), Leicester (11th March) and Manchester City (1st April) to follow, separated intermittently with fixtures against Hull and West Bromwich Albion.

The end of the season holds no respite either for Arsenal, with their last 4 fixtures being against local rivals Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Stoke City and Everton!


Here’s a full list of Arsenal’s fixtures:

13th August 2016 – Arsenal vs Liverpool

20th August 2016 – Leicester vs Arsenal

27th August 2016 – Watford vs Arsenal

10th September 2016 – Arsenal vs Southampton

17th September 2016 – Hull vs Arsenal

24th September 2016 – Arsenal vs Chelsea

1st October 2016 – Burnley vs Arsenal

15th October 2016 – Arsenal vs Swansea

22nd October 2016 – Arsenal vs Middlesbrough

29th October 2016 – Sunderland vs Arsenal

5th November 2016 – Arsenal vs Spurs

­­19th November 2016 – Man Utd vs Arsenal

26th November 2016 – Arsenal vs Bournemouth

3rd December 2016 – West Ham vs Arsenal

10th December 2016 – Arsenal vs Stoke

14th December 2016 – Everton vs Arsenal

17th December 2016 – Man City vs Arsenal

26th December 2016 – Arsenal vs West Brom

31st December 2016 – Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

2nd January 2017 – Bournemouth vs Arsenal

14th January 2017 – Swansea vs Arsenal

21st January 2017 – Arsenal vs Burnley

31st January 2017 – Arsenal vs Watford

4th February 2017 – Chelsea vs Arsenal

11th February 2017 – Arsenal vs Hull

25th February 2017 – Southampton vs Arsenal

4th March 2017 – Liverpool vs Arsenal

11th March 2017 – Arsenal vs Leicester

18th March 2017 – West Brom vs Arsenal

1st April 2017 – Arsenal vs Man City

4th April 2017 – Arsenal vs West Ham

8th April 2017 – Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

15th April 2017 – Middlesbrough vs Arsenal

22nd April 2017 – Arsenal vs Sunderland

29th April 2017 – Spurs vs Arsenal

6th May 2017 – Arsenal vs Man Utd

13th May 2017 – Stoke vs Arsenal

21th May 2017 – Arsenal vs Everton

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