Arsenal fan favourite admits to move wish!

Arsenal sensation Aaron Ramsey has admitted that he is contemplating moving to Spain sometime in his playing career.

Speaking about Barcelona’s reported interest in him, the Welshman revealed: “Obviously it’s very flattering. They did the treble last year and it’s just really nice to be linked with one of the best clubs in the world. One day I would like to go over to Spain to play just to see what it’s like and to experience that.”

Ramsey, however, made it clear that he is currently with the north London club, and that he is not considering moving this summer. He also spoke of his confidence in the current Gunners’ side, saying that they can go on and challenge for big things, and even be successful.

The 24 year old has been associated with Arsenal since 2008, winning 2 FA Cups and one FA Community Shield with the side till now, apart from a few individual honours too.

The Welshman has been in amazing form in recent seasons, following which he has become indispensable to manager Arsene Wenger. And his performances have certainly not gone unnoticed, with reports in the press linking him with a potential move to Barcelona for quite a while now.

Meanwhile, it is almost certain that Wenger will not even imagine parting ways with Ramsey this summer, or anytime in the near future. However, having said that, the fact remains that the player may find it tough to turn his back to the Catalans, if they come forward and table a formal bid for him.

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